eSteak - hot MooTools slices

By now there are many javascript frameworks available that make programming easy and encapsulate new and cool functionalities. Surely every framework has its advantages and disadvantages but in my opinion you can't switch between all of them - you have to deceide in favour of one. In my case I have chosen Mootools, as you may have already seen here... A friend of mine and also a co-worker, Grundi, has created a site that answers to the beautiful name of "eSteak" that unites the different scripts for Mootools on a central place, with rating, Mootools dependency listing and so on. The whole thing is user generated content, so its up to all the Mootools developers and even to you to upload scripts and support it! Because the problem with Mootools is that there are really cool scripts out there, but you first have to find them. I hope that eSteak will be filled with a lot of scripts and that it will develop to the central place for Mootools friends and enthusiasts.

Update (somewhen in 2013): unfortunately eSteak was taken to the grave in 2010 - check this blog post for more information: