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Beautiful and free icons

While building websites there can be the need for a beautiful and meaningful icon.
Up to now I haven't seen many icon collections that satisfied me, either the icon itself is badly drawn or you can't assign an accurate meaning.
But that is different with the silk icons of Mark James...
Somehow I embosomed his collection, it's the first where I have a look when I need an icon - and not until yesterday. The collection is free (doesn't happen that often), the icons in 16x16 pixels are beautiful and good to use for the things use usually use an icon for ;) There is also an overview over all icons with their titles where you can derive their purpose. All 1000 icons are in the PNG format, the collection currently is in version 1.3.

If you like beautiful icons, have a look!

Test IE6 on PC with IE7

If you created webpages you probably want the page to look nearly the same in all browsers. Because there are still many Internet Explorer 6 users out there you should adjust your site for this browser, too. But that's not that easy if you have installed the IE7 because you don't have the IE6 anymore. But a VirtualPC image of Microsoft finds a remedy. It comes with Windows XP and IE6 (or IE7 if you still have the IE6 and want to test IE7). Simply open it in the (free) VirtualPC software and enjoy the IE6 browserworld!

go to Download

TYPO3: Limit creatable elements per page

Sometimes it is necessary to limit the creatable elements on a page. This is especially useful if you only want to save specific elements within a SysFolder, e.g. within "users" there should be only users.

Within the TSConfig of the appropriate page add the following TypoScript having db_tablename be the database table with the elements you want to limit to:

mod.web_list.allowedNewTables = db_tablename,db_tablename_2