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Simple MySQL Backup at Google Code

A while ago I wrote an article about a script I created to backup databases. Since then I had to make little changes and decided to put it to Google code as Open-Source-Project and released the new version 0.1.1 with some minor changes.

If you're interested in the script, head over to its project page and check the appropriate pages like the Changelog and theInstallation and Requirements page. Feel free to download it.

UPDATE: You can find the project now on github!

MySQL backup script with emailing

A while ago I found a good script for backing up a MySQL database and sending it via email to a recipient here.

The script is cool, but I didn't like its structure and the fact, that you have to add the database values inline and that it can only backup a single database. For this reason I rewrote it a little and you can download it here.


  • Backup of mutliple databases
  • Sending of backups to multiple users

For every single database a mail is send and there is no file saved on the server. And wow: it's really easy to configure!

How do I use it?

  • Download the current version (0.1)
  • Adjust the backup.php (you're getting help by my wonderful comments)
  • upload everything to a directory of your choice
  • if applicable, create a cronjob to periodically execute the script

And here the backup.php that calls the appropriate classes and executes the backup (also included in the download):

ini_set("error_reporting", E_ALL);
// include the files
require_once "MySQLConfig.php";
require_once "MySQLBackup.php";

// add some databases to backup
// the domain will be appended to the email subject and is also included within the sql file for identification.
$cfgHost0 = new MySQLConfig("username0", "password0", "database_name0", "domain0");
$cfgHost1 = new MySQLConfig("username1", "password1", "database_name1", "domain1");

$backup = new MySQLBackup();
// the path to the directory where this script is resided
// add the database configs to backup
// the sender of the backup mail
// add some people to receive the backup
// execute the whole thing

If there are any problems or suggestions or feature wishes, please comment this post - thanks!

PS: to create a cronjob log into your server using SSH, then execute crontab -e to edit the crontab and insert for example

0 2 * * 0,3 wget http://yourdomain.com/backup/backup.php -nc -q -O /dev/null

for an execution on sunday and wednesday at 2 am. Save and close the whole thing with :wq and that's it :-)